Tracking Down Gunter Grass

The Tin Drum is a novel I’ve seen on bookstore shelves for years. Books with especially hefty spines are easy to spot, and The Tin Drum, at more than 600 pages, takes up a good bit of shelf real estate. (Quick aside, I’ve always thought the spine of the book should be shown when you consider … Continue reading

Reading the Quran during an Election Year

I wonder sometimes if Abraham Lincoln made a terrible mistake when he set Thanksgiving as a national holiday in the final days of November, knowing full well that every fourth year a presidential election would have just taken place. How cruel for the Great Emancipator to shackle us to a dinner table with distant relatives … Continue reading

All you need to read Ulysses…

I am a few days late for the June 16 celebration of Bloomsday, the date when James Joyce’s Ulysses takes place, but a piece in the Economist’s Prospero blog was too entertaining to pass up. In the post, a friend of the author argues there are two kinds of readers–those who have read Ulysses and those who haven’t. I would disagree. … Continue reading