[EL] Everyman’s Library

Everyman’s Library Essential Sets [EL]

Published and updated since 1906

Everyman, I will go with thee: and be thy guide. Everyman’s Library is the most esteemed of the canonical publishers. Everyman publishes simple, attractive hardcover volumes that are meant to last. Its Essential Sets are several “best of” lists sorted by category, including a general 100 best books list. This is a solid collection, though it leans on some authors too regularly (Murial Spark and Graham Greene, for example).  One sneaky thing about the [EL] is that shorter novels are occasionally squeezed into a single volume, meaning two or three books get a plug for the price of one. Also, the [EL] has an unhealthy fixation on R. K. Narayan, an author whose works it promotes seven times, though none of them mentioned elsewhere. To see the Everyman’s Library Essential Sets, click here.

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