[AT] All-TIME 100 Novels

All-TIME 100 Novels

Published in 2005

A very popular best novels list, though eccentric. It limits itself to 100 English language novels written since TIME began publishing in 1923, with a preference for works that received contemporary reviews from TIME. Despite these hangups, it is surprisingly refreshing. Sci-fi and children’s lit, post-modern pioneers, even a graphic novel. There’s still plenty of yawn-inducing entries. (It’s in alphabetical order and my money’s on G being the most predictable six entries you’re going to find in a row.) There are a few clunkers (Richard Ford’s Sportswriter is the inferior of an overrated pair of shoegazing blubber books, and I don’t get the rage over Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping. For me it was a snore.) But a reader trapped on a desert island with these hundred books could do a lot worse. They are punchy, thoughtful and daring books without straying into excesses you’ll see in Larry McCaffery’s [LM] selections.
Click here to see the full TIME list.  Also listed below. Items marked in RED appear on the Master List.

A – B

C – D

F – G

H – I

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