[GB] Great Books of the Western World

Great Books of the Western World [GB]

Current edition published in 1990

Alongside the Harvard Classics [HC], this is the granddaddy of modern canonical compilations. Originally put out in 1952 by Encyclopeadia Britannica (with help from one Mortimer J. Adler [HRB]), the Great Books series got an update in 1990 with second edition, though two surprisingly good books, Tom Jones and Tristram Shandy, were dropped. When people talk about colleges only giving you dead white males to read, the Great Books series is what they are referring to. However, in its defense, the selections of the first edition are indisputably seminal. There isn’t much fiction, and even the 19th century novels included (Moby-DickBrothers K, and War and Peace) are so epic and core to Western culture that it would be hard to advocate substitutions with a straight face. The additions of the second edition are harder to defend, as they persist in promoting white males in a century that saw many excellent women authors and authors of color. But make no mistake. This is not a “great novels” list. This is a catalog of human thought, with many tough, technical nonfiction entries. The Great Books series aspires to be like Pinsky’s Figured Wheel, recording “on its rotating surface the elegant and terrifying doings of the inhabitants of the Hundred Pantheons of major Gods disposed in iconographic stations at hub, spoke and concentric bands.” It is grave, unapologetic, and ponderous. This is the list that Joyce and the Modernists consumed and exploded. It is the list that many of Larry McCaffery’s [LM] heroes mocked or ignored. This is Literature.
To see the full list from the Great Books of the Western World, click here or read below. Works marked in RED appeared on at least one other of the twenty-four “Great Works” lists I’ve compiled, and so made the Master List.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

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Volume 7

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