What Novels to Read When Facing Death

Like thousands of others in the Boston area, I felt like the thin thread between life and death was more closely measured last month. My wife and I were near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15, roughly 160 feet from where one of the bombs  would later go off. We … Continue reading

Nine Classics to Read in the Winter

Why is it we only get reading lists during the summer? With its short days and achingly cold nights, winter seems the far better season to pick over neglected bookshelves. But I don’t like to read just any book in the winter. Breezy romances set in SoCal climes? Ech. (Well, for me that kind of … Continue reading

Modern Day Heresies

Apple recently made waves for firing a longtime star of their software design team, Scott Forstall. Though purportedly axed for crashing and burning with Apple’s now notorious Maps application, many think Forstall was destined for the exit because, as Slate.com describes it, Forstall liked for “a calendar app [to] look like a calendar.” You know, … Continue reading

The End of Your Life Book Club

As I wrote in the “About this project” section of the blog, I started reading a lot more after my mother died. She had always been an avid reader of the type of literary classics that end up in leather-bound collectors editions. As a kid I wasn’t too interested in them. But what, more than … Continue reading

Murakami is odds-on favorite for the Nobel?

I have always been a fan of the eclectic and controversial Irish betting site Paddy Power, which let you bet on everything from the next pope to whether Moody’s would downgrade a country’s credit rating. But before today I had never heard of the equally novel betting site Ladbrokes. This British cousin is taking bets on … Continue reading