New book: Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev


We’ve finished The Talented Mr. Ripley and will start up a new book, Ivan Turgenev’s classic Fathers and Sons.

I know very little about this work so this will be the best kind of reading experience: a total surprise. Here are the stats and the first line.

Fathers and Sons (Also known as Fathers and Children), 250 pp.

Published in 1862. It appears on 7 of the 24 lists in the Master List.

Vladimir Nabokov (who is as good a critic as any) ranked Tergenev fourth in his list of 19th century Russian authors 1) Tolstoy 2) Gogol 3) Chekhov 4) Turgenev and 5)Dostoyevsky.

Opening line:

“Well, Peter, do you see nothing yet?” asked, on the 20th of May, 1859, a man of forty odd years, dressed in a rusty overcoat and plaid pantaloons, who stood bare-headed on the threshold of an inn, on the high road of X., in Russia.

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